Hypnotherapy for Equestrians


Staying Focused

  An avid equestrian herself, Sara R. Fogan, C.Ht., enjoys helping others  achieve their horseback riding and horse-training goals. She knows that  whether you are riding or doing ground work, it is important to be 100% focused on what you want or need your equine partner to do. She also understands how even the most dedicated equestrian can go off their game when you are distracted by stress from relationship/family issues, work-related conflicts or drama with other boarders at the barn.

 Sara provides a safe, comfortable, and calm environment in which her clients can work on and resolve these extraneous issues so they can  be completely present for their horse and themselves when they are riding or handling the horse on the ground. 


Achieve Your Goals in the Saddle & on the Ground

 Sara uses hypnotherapy, relaxation and visualization/guided-imagery techniques to help equestrians work through personal and training issues they believe are preventing them from achieving their riding goals. These include:

desensitization to overcome fear and anxiety about a previous riding accident,

relaxation techniques and motivation strategies to increase the rider's mental preparation for a competition 

imagery and visualization to improve riding skills/training techniques

relaxation techniques to facilitate memorization of jumping courses or dressage tests, etc.

creating a calmer, more patient demeanor while interacting with their horse.  


Equestrian Links

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