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Sara R. Fogan, C.Ht., is a certified hypnotherapist and Master in Therapeutic Guided Imagery based in Santa Clarita, California. She is an honors graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited college of hypnosis. She began working with clients at HMI during and as part of her hypnotherapy training in 2004-2005. She now sees clients at her private hypnotherapy practice, Calminsense Hypnotherapy®. In 2019 she (Calminsense Hypnotherapy®) was voted the best hypnotherapist in the Santa Clarita Valley. Sara regularly attends hypnotherapy conferences and participates in continuing education courses at HMI to expand her knowledge and expertise in hypnotherapy modalities as well as to fine-tune her therapeutic skills. 

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How Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Works

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In light of the current CDC recommendations to minimize risk of exposure to and spread of the COVID-19 virus, I am temporarily suspending in-person hypnotherapy sessions with me in my office. However, phone and Skype consultations ARE and WILL REMAIN available!  

 The majority of conscious behavior is rooted in the subconscious area of the mind. This area, which constitutes at least 88 percent of the mind and is where the "scripts" for all behaviors — wanted and unwanted — reside. (In comparison, the conscious area comprises only 12 percent of the mind.) Whenever you want to change or stop a behavior, you must make this change in the subconscious mind.

 Hypnotherapy is an effective and direct way to help you access this area of your mind to make the desired change(s). Hypnosis works on the principal of ‘suggestibility,’ but you cannot be made to say or do anything that conflicts with your personal ethics and/or desires while you are in that state. Furthermore, it is a natural, drug-free modality which helps many people to overcome the fears/anxieties and subconscious "blocks" that have been holding them back so they can achieve their various self-improvement goals.

 It is interesting to note that the  Department of Veterans’ Affairs recognizes hypnotherapy as an effective treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in returning veterans. In addition, celebrities and other public figures have used hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight, increase self-confidence and even reduce symptoms of extreme morning sickness. I invite you to experience the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to help you accomplish your self-improvement goals, as well!   

  Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section for more information about how hypnosis works.

Voted the Best Hypnotherapist in Santa Clarita, CA in 2019