Testimonials: Goals Achieved Through Hypnotherapy

Smoking Cessation


      Thank you for your coaching, direction and all the help you gave me at   the Expo!!!! I can't thank you enough! It has helped so much get my  head in a good place on so many levels! I have not totally quit smoking   yet... But I am at the end of this journey! I am taking control and am   days away from a total quit and control of this demon! With your words  in mind and helping to guide me, I see the end goal and it is now in  close reach and YOU have been very instrumental in this journey. Again,  thank you!!!




     I came to Sara for help overcoming procrastination as well as for some   help with reinforcing healthy habits including eating right and  exercising daily. After just about an hour of hypnotherapy, I am more  motivated than I have been in quite some time, and I am also making  better food choices. In addition, I feel much more excited about getting  exercise each day than I’ve felt in quite some time.

Besides  addressing my specific problems, Sara did some work on helping me to  sleep better. It seemed incredibly intuitive – I was really surprised to  have this addressed since I didn’t mention feeling exhausted much of   the time. Since my hypnotherapy sessions, I have had no difficulty   falling asleep and I am well-rested each morning when I wake up.

 Sara  recorded my hypnotherapy sessions for me so that I can revisit them and  continue using them to further strengthen my new habits. I am extremely  happy with the results achieved so far and I know I can depend on Sara  to help me with any issues that might pop up in the future. Her  reassuring personality and professionalism are truly appreciated. Thank  you, Sara!  AEC

Study Skills


  Halfway through his first semester of seventh grade, I became aware that my youngest son’s grades were a disaster. He had started the school year out well enough, but then elected to ignore all of his assignments. His  teachers were very concerned about the situation, as was I. He is a bright kid and more than capable of the work presented to him. His grades were on a roller coaster ride: “A’s” when he did the work, “F’s”  when he didn’t. It was clear we needed immediate intervention. I contacted Sara and scheduled hypnotherapy sessions with her. Sara encouraged me to stay for the session so I would have a full understanding of her hypnotherapy work. After observing her care, concern and  professionalism, both my son and I were at ease and I was completely  confident in her skills. And the results?  Virtually immediate. My son was able to salvage his grades from “seventh-grade slump” and has maintained “A’s” and “B’s” ever since. We are deeply  grateful to Sara for getting him back on the right track.


Fear of Flying


  I  went to Sara to help me with my fear of flying. Sara came to my house  and did a few sessions with me. It was successful and I’m able to get on  a plane without that dreaded feeling of doom. Every time I am in a  plane and there is turbulence, I imagine being in a car going over a  speed bump. Thanks for your help ,Sara! It was truly life changing. Sara  is a caring professional and committed to helping people overcome their  fears. I highly recommend her!


Fear & Anxiety About Riding My Horse


   Let me tell you how Sara helped me. I was a first-time horse owner  and had  never been around horses before I got Toby and Oliver. Oliver  is a wild  Mustang who was brought to me when he was only eight weeks  old. When I  came to her office, Sara used hypnosis to relax me as we  worked on breathing techniques. She also taught me to use grounding and  visualization to improve my riding skills. What I learned from Sara gave   me the strength and confidence that I needed to work with—and   eventually ride—my young horse.

  The following   year, she helped me  quit smoking. I’m proud to say I’m now a permanent  non-smoker! If you think Sara could help you or someone you know,  please let them know that she can help them achieve their goals through  hypnotherapy,  just as she did for me.


    I began hypnotherapy with Sara following a scary incident involving my   extraordinarily calm and trustworthy horse. We were out for a trail  ride  when he spied an overturned trash can lurking in the bushes. He  spun and ran, something my horse had never done. It sounds innocuous,  but it frightened me so badly that I began having post-traumatic  flashbacks and eventually gave up riding on the trail. I was perfectly  comfortable in my neighborhood, but couldn't force myself back across  the field where the "incident" occurred.

   Desperate for help, I thought that hypnosis might help. I did some  research and when I saw that Sara's particular area of expertise related  to equestrian-related  fears, I was hopeful she could help me.

   My therapy  sessions with Sara were incredibly helpful. I found that I  could talk about and think about the incident without giving way to  panic. I am back on the trail, learning to be more than a passenger on  my horse. I doubt that I could have taken that step without Sara's help.

    As an added bonus, I found that the deep breathing relaxation  techniques she taught me actually lowered my blood pressure. I  discovered this quite by accident when I went to my doctor for a check-  up and learned that my blood pressure was well below what it usually was  on past visits.


    I  have ridden a few times since we had our last appointment.  Everything is  going much better. I have been listening to the tape and  doing the  tapping. I rode a horse I had never ridden and I was not  nervous and I  have been lunging horses by myself and I have not been  afraid. My  confidence level has grown. Thank you for all your help.


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